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Destiny may never bring us together

Time may tear us apart

We have too many thoughts of tomorrow

Why not spend a little thought on the magic of today’s love- craft?

We thought of tomorrow

Thinking we have one

Destiny believes it knows better

We know now we have none.

Fate called up this morning

Beguiling me to choose another

“Why should I?”

I listen carefully

“You’re too young,” he says

“Your life will be a waste

if you make this decision in haste.”

In the silence of my thoughts

I would much rather be chaste.

Have you ever loved someone

Made promises to be together

Always and forever?

Love happens once

Now solitude will be my partner.

We are partners in crime

A crime so pure and true

It is beautiful how even in our thoughts

The first words that bind us together are

“I love you…”

A mist of uncertainty now surrounds us

Don’t think any more my love

For there will come a day

When we will be blessed

And You and I will sit

At the end of another rainbow

Snuggled in a blanket of love

Then it will be us

Us and no other

Us together, never to part…

Katherine Abraham

All Rights Reserved

Image Credits: Aikaterina Photography. Copyright Protected

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