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I'm Learning To Smile Again

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I am learning to smile again

Hold me back no more

I am learning to live again

Hold me back no more!

Unspoken words, broken promises

Took me away a long time ago.

I’m moving on,

Forward is the way,

Don’t stop me now

You’ve lost your chance.

Tried to stop you

Tried to reason

Silence is your cocoon

Repentance is my cover.

There’s somebody else now.

I am not chasing a fantasy

It’s time to embrace reality.

You are the past,

A sweet memory

that will soon fade away.

Times will change,

You will make peace with your reality

Remember me with a smile

May I be a memory not an experience


But for now

I’m learning to smile again,

Hold me back no more

- Katherine Abraham

All Rights Reserved


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