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Public Speaking 

Public Speaking is a quintessential skill set for young children who are setting out to face their first toughies in debate elocution competitions and for adults who are finding it a challenge to upskill and upgrade within their organisation. 

I am a Gold Medalist in Public Speaking from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. I have also addressed various forums including the Ananke Dubai Literary Festival, Plan-T, and have also taught a plethora of students over a decade now. I have the singular distinction of training students from 2 to 65 years pf age. 

Communication lies at the heart of  human existence. Without it we are incomplete and in many ways even handicapped

How Can I Help?

For Parents: 

Choose from a Premium 3 month/ 6month/ 9 month plan for your child and see your child grow confident not just to tackle a debate competition but one whose wisdom is widely appreciated by audiences within and outside the school.

For Students:

Whether you are a law student, engineering student or management student, you need to communicate with friends, and prospective employers alike. Get in touch to know how you can improve your conversation and interview handling skills.

Class duration: 20 hours/ 30 hours / 60 hours/ 120 hours

For Adults
Public Speaking is what keeps professionals behind. The lack of confidence stems from the hesitation to communicate. Join my Premium  One-On-One sessions to refine the way you think and deliver in the English Language. 

Class duration: 60 hours/ 75 hours/ 120 hours

Contact me directly on: with 'Communications For All' in the Subject Line





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