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Dear God

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I picked the pen one morning wanting to write to God,

But as I did, the TV blared aloud.

The valiant hero was leaving his lady love

The scene intensified. God could wait, my mind said.

The soul was willing, the flesh was weak.

Again I picked the pen to write a letter to God

This time work beckoned.

A stack of papers and my thoughts threatened

to stir a great controversy in my head.

The work must be done.

And so work won.

Come afternoon, with fifteen minutes to spare

The ink barely spilt on the paper but my tummy didn’t care;

Kate its lunch and its mighty late. This time too God had to wait.

At dusk, family, friends and music took my time

A nagging thought at the back of my mind

I had ably neglected the One Person

who gave me all the happiness and love

No questions asked, no conditions laid

And this is the miserable price I had paid.

Two months later

the letter lay unwritten, my message unconveyed.

And then one day, everything spiralled out of control

Hope left, trust followed, but

Before Faith could leave I prayed:

Dear God, why is this happening? Why am I dismayed?

In the silence of the night whispered a voice,

The glory road is painful, the glory road is vain

Search for inner peace than wealth or money or fame.

The Lord listens, day or night

He instructs,

Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find

And when you forget, He sets out to remind…

He knocked me down to my knees

To hear and help me with my pleas.

And so,

This night as the moon shines bright

and the stars look down,

The shortest letter I write

To say

I took long to surrender

A sinful wayward heart

And this is why I write tonight,

Not to pray or petition,

not to ask or plead

But to say, Dear God, Thank you for watching over me.

- Katherine Abraham

All Rights Reserved

Image copyright retained by original artist.


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