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Dear Daddy

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This is one of many letters I have written to you over the years but perhaps the first that finds itself to a public space. A little less than a quarter of a century we met for the first time, me wailing,you smiling. I really didn’t know who you were but snuggling against your arms all that mattered was that I was safe, safer than any place in the world.

You taught me to walk, talk spending every free minute after a busy day at work doting on me, never once complaining that this little anklebiter woke you at 4 am every second morning, (earlier at times) for her game to play. You taught me to pray before I wrote my first A. Thinking back over the years only brings a smile on my face. People ask me why I am different. You taught me to be different, you taught me to stand up for myself without ever crossing the line. You’ve been my anchor when the storms of life seemed to throw me off course; a sunshine on a gloomy day, you taught me to laugh the pain away. I haven’t always been right and you’ve been tough, I respect you for that. Without your disciplined approach I could have grown up as a little brat. You’ve gifted me freedom in little doses; some call it over – protection, others childish, but I enjoy it every time you give me the liberty to venture into something new. Thank you dad, because I am who I am because of you.

The warmth of your love, the protective shield, your selfless ways have only inspired me to be a better person. Not many people understand me, I confess, but yet I have learnt from you that though we can’t please everyone, we can be kind to all. You taught me to fight even if it meant standing alone. You’ve instructed me to keep a clear conscience, to forgive people but not forget the lessons that they’ve taught. You taught me that courtesy, simplicity, honesty and integrity are not mere words on paper, they were principles to live by.

You tell me, “Be tough” knowing full well I may never be.

You’ve taught me that life won’t always be fair but I should not give in. And that is what I am trying to do.

Every father does something special for their child I know, but Daddy you make every moment a joy and a blessing. And there’s the ever soft demeanour that everyone think they know but little naughty me knows when the anger may show. I won’t complain because every reprimand and every correction has only enabled me to decipher the right from the wrong. Your critique may not have always gone down too well but today as I reflect, hand on heart, they have only done more good than words can tell.

I chose this medium for a purpose. A lot many young people who find it difficult to communicate with their daddy may just begin to understand that a Father’s love is undefined, unlimited and unrequited.

I may not say this every moment or every day, but Dad today on your birthday,

Here’s just to say,

I love and appreciate you for who you are and for all that you’ve done for me. I am not perfect and I am sorry if I’ve ever hurt you but Daddy, dear Daddy I will always LOVE You. People may come and people may go but there is none who can take your place not today not tomorrow.

Someday Daddy, I’m going to make you proud and the day I do, watching the smile on your lovely face and knowing I am the reason behind it will be biggest achievement of my life.

Loads of love,

Your eternally indebted daughter.

Katherine Abraham

All Rights Reserved

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