Thanks for stopping by today.

Either you're a friend, or you're going to become one! At the outset let me thank you for taking the time off to explore my site with the curiosity I hope I have inspired.

Who am I?

A Rockstar in my life! Yup. For me, I matter. No, it's not selfish. I spent the first half of my life reminding myself that I had to put the lives, thoughts and needs of others before my own. But today at a time when I am neither too young to be an idealist nor too old to fit into the cross- section of realistic pessimism, I am for the first time, taking care of me as gently as the wave that washes up a beach, as silent as the stars that work on twinkling their brightest on a clear night and as boldly as the breeze that tears down the roots of indecision and self - doubt.

I have two infections: smiles and giggles. If you know me well, you will see the other side of me. When I am not carving a niche, I am also a teacher, lawyer and freelance journalist. I also coach people to ask questions and work mindfully.

So Am I always just Ms. Happy - Go-Lucky?

Na, because sometimes, boring is considered normal. So I try being normal every once in a while.

My Aim:

To get maximum people at my funeral. Life is temporary. The faster you understand this, the more you will find yourself transparent, open - hearted and honest. You become more empathetic because your pain has enabled you to view life from the other side. Because you have chosen to detach from everything that the world is running behind: designations, posts, materialism and of course the ill - fated money.

Who do I work for?

My conscience and my conscience alone.

What is my Mission?

I live by the principle, Do the best you can for all the people you know in all the time you have and your life will be one that talks of fulfillment.

Am I a leader or a follower?

Neither. Society hasn't made a construct wide enough for me to fit in.

Why should you connect?

Because You Matter.

What do you evangelize?

Make Mistakes. Big ones, small ones, medium ones, unique ones. Learn.

What would you die for?

I'd like to say chocolate, but that isn't the answer. The right answer for me is 'Nothing.' Life is a finite realm that works in a deep chasm of unknowing; if you travel inward you will realise that you have but 24 hours to make a difference, leave your mark, inspire change.

Will you be able to change me?

Yes and No.

I was meant to be a candle and then spiral into a devouring fire, a fire that inspires meaning in the lives of those who connect with me. I don't expect to make changes to your life but I will help you to find you.

What do you get?

Mostly nothing. But yes I do add to the satisfaction levels of my life.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness allows you to be ever- present in the moment. When you reclaim your life and all the atoms of energy you're wasting on entertainment and false education, you will realise that you are capable of so much more.

What is Mindfulness in Christianity?

As a practising Christian, I have always been curious about how mindfulness has played a major role in the Bible and has yet gone unnoticed. That inspires me to dig deeper as I travel within the pages of my Bible alongside scriptures of other faiths and beliefs. There is some good, some unity and some inspiration in everything!