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Katherine Abraham

Creating a Change one Creative Mission at at time

Life is a finite Journey with Infinite Possibilities. When I work, time seems to lose it's relevance until I have completed that which I have set out to complete. Now I am helping young people like me work on their creativity because our lives were meant to be special

Portfolio of Work

Past. Present. Future.

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Romancing a Distant Mountain

June 2021

Silenced By Love

March 2014


In the first of its kind, visual novel, Somedays are Forever is a story of intrigue, hope, love, hate, guilt and faith!
Running away from a dark and bitter past, betrayed by his “forever,” young Christian Ashworth vows never to trust a woman again. He has comfortably resigned from life and despises any intrusion to his solitude. When his family leaves him to fend for himself, he loses his faith in mankind but clings to his brother’s Bible.
Widowed at 23, Hope has somewhere lost the passion for life but accepts every challenge that life has thrown with a smile. When things go awry in India, Hope decides that she must shift to London for the sake of her young nephew. With minimal expectations from life, she moves on from strength to strength, veiling her sorrow with a smile.
When their paths cross, Christian and Hope are faced with new challenges

Katherine Abraham

New International Ventures

  • The Beauty Within
    Fri, 25 Dec
    25-Dec-2020, 7:00 pm
    My Short Story, The Great Controversy between Faith and Fear, is now a part of this International Anthology
  • Chasing Hope with Katherine
    Thu, 17 Dec
    Chasing Hope with Katherine
    17-Dec-2020, 10:10 pm
    Chasing Hope with Katherine
    A 30 yr old Lay Member's Account on Faith, Community Understanding and the need for Awareness of the Truth in the Church. A web series for non - Christians to understand Christianity better and for Christians to ask better questions.
  • Tis The Season
    Sat, 12 Dec
    12-Dec-2020, 7:00 pm
    An International Christmas Anthology which features my Poem, The Rose on Her Tombstone